GWS is a proud partner of Baltic Iron doors, these unique and beautiful iron doors make a grand first impression for any guest or onlookers and the install of any iron product in your home can not only transform the look of your home but add value as well.
Our iron entry doors are built custom for you and provide the security you need with the elegance that only custom iron doors can provide.


  • Every door and transom is “Metalized” which is a process of “Zinc Coating” the door when it is raw steel before it goes to the paint department. This process is a high performance protective layer that prevents rust from ever forming on the door. This will keep the door in perfect condition for the life of your house. Without Zinc coating the door will start rusting in time.
  • Doors, jambs and transoms are all insulated for energy and sound efficiency. Weather stripping is provided for doors, sidelights and transom.
  • We use decorative knobs to keep the glass frames closed and locked into place. You can adjust the degree of tightness yourself. Traditional “latch” glass frame closers have no adjustment and allow air and water to leak in through the frames. We use dual pane glass for sound and energy efficiency.
  • We use ball-bearing hinges on both our doors and glass frames. There is brass bushing between the top and bottom hinges for a perfect fit so the hinges operate smoothly and quietly.
  • Frame welded to the inside of the door for the glass panel to close into. This prevents any air, water or light from leaking into your home. The frames are decorative in design and lines are very clean. This adds energy efficiency and beauty to the door.
  • All our forging is very clean and all welds are smooth.
  • Bottom of the rail of the door where the bottom of the glass panel meets the door is slightly tapered so water doesn’t sit on it when it rains or gets wet. The water runs off the door.

These are just some of the benefits we add to our doors so that your home will make a lasting Grand Impression and continue to operate perfectly and smoothly for years to come!

Call us today for an in home consultation. Evening and weekend appointments available, we take pride in every job we do and treat your home like our own.

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